Reign of Kong Construction: More Rocks and Theming

The more we continue to look at the new King Kong themed area, the more we are impressed by it. The amazing thing is that they are not even done yet!
This afternoon we will (virtually) take you to Islands of Adventure to check out the progress that has been done in the past few days in that new area. As you will see, more rockwork continues to be added to the facade, while more themed elements are starting to appear around the area. Let's take a quick look around.

As always, let's start our adventure near the entrance of Toon Lagoon:

A new structure can now be spotted behind the Toon Lagoon gate:

The rockwork:

Entering Jurassic Park:

Epic, isn't it?:

Notice the blue marks on the right side of the facade:

The future main entrance of the Reign of Kong area is behind tarps:

Some behind-the-wall photos (always taken from Guest areas without standing on anything):

The view of the area from Camp Jurassic:

An exclusive look inside the building reveals that we should expect more... rocks!:

The rest of the construction area:

The new building on the left side:

New wooden poles can now be seen in the area:

The very first section of a themed mural can now be seen behind the existing rockwork:

More work continues to take place nearby:

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  1. "Some behind-the-wall photos (always taken from Guest areas without standing on anything"

    Yea, you used a selfie stick, thank goodness those days are coming to an end! Come on people, do you have to know what's in the box before you open the Christmas present?

  2. Says the person who clicks the links to see the progress update pics.

  3. Does it matter how they get theses photos taken without going onto the site? I'm glad that they do park photo updates as it's giving me my Orlando park fix to I go again in Sept 2016 for the first time in 5 years.

  4. What if he or she's just really tall?

  5. thanks for the updates!!!

  6. We are sure the first poster was just joking. We have never owned a selfie stick! Also, the walls are quite low near the side entrance of the Thunder Falls Terrace (and, yes, some of our photographers are taller than the average person!).

  7. Great, now they're going to put up higher walls near the side entrance of Thunder Falls Terrace! YOU BLEW IT! :)


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