New Guest Relaxation Area Coming Soon to Epcot

Relaxation at Epcot is getting a whole new look. Starting June 28, 2015, Guests visiting Future World can take a break from the heat and charge their personal devices in comfort in the corridor between Character Spot and Club Cool.
With new seating and additional charging areas, the new Guest relaxation area will also offer two food & beverage carts serving frozen beverages, packaged sweets, and other savory options. Be sure to stop by this area in the future.


  1. Is there no end to the stupidity Disney is doing with Epcot?
    - Close park
    - Decide on a theme
    - Re-theme the park
    - Build RIDES
    - Open a stunning park

  2. On theses rechargeable points how quick does it take to recharge your phone?

  3. Yeah, god forbid they add more seating and charging areas to an otherwise unused hallway...

  4. I wish the whiners would take a step back and consider what it is they're complaining about. In this case, Disney is saying they're improving an otherwise underused area to bring up the comfort level and add charging spots. Disney gets nothing out of this other than some happier guests.

    Yes, the rest of the park needs help (Innovations, UOE, JII anyone?) but this is not a bad thing for them to do.