Fun Spot Orlando Update: More New Flat Rides Added

Fun Spot America has been adding quite a few new attractions to its Orlando location. Some of these additions can be defined as mild thrill rides, even though there are also plenty of new attractions that can be enjoyed by the entire family, such as the new Gator Spot. In addition to that, some rumors point to the possibility of having an actual dark ride open within the park (we will talk about that project later this year). Let's take a look around the park:

Welcome to Fun Spot America:

A train now transports Guests from one side of the park to the other:

The park's hub:

The Freedom Flyer coaster:

A new shelter was being installed nearby to provide a covered seating area for Guests:

The new Space Invader ride was closed during our visit. It is operating daily now, though:

White Lightning continues to be one of the most popular attractions in the park:

Walking through the rest of the Boardwalk area:

The former Scrambler got a new name (Scram Blur, how original!) ans was completely repainted:

The new family drop tower. called "Screamer":

Minor work was being done next to the Tilt-A-Whirl:

The entrance to the new Gator Spot (we will check it out soon):

It appears to be very well themed:

Even the exterior walls are themed:

The Kid Spot:

The Sea Serpent's sign seems to be new:

The new Water Wars play area was still being installed during our last visit. It should be open now:

The old section of the park needs a lot of help:

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  1. This 'park' could use a lot more park like qualities like trees and schrubs. The whole parkinglot aesthetics is just not appealing.

  2. sea serpent has been there, just repainted the sign

  3. Sorta wish they had put the ferris wheel on top of the building. I think amongst new things they should completly replace the bumper cars. Otherwise I don't see why the older section "needs help or work" the go-karts are over there and they are great. If anything the kissimee location needs work: another coaster, a ferris wheel, get rid of that awful surf thing and replace it with a disk-o. Regardless I love both these parks and when I visit Florida I'll hit them b4 paying $100 to get into Disney World, that's gross.


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