Magic Kingdom Update: Adventureland Project (PART 2)

Welcome to part 2 of our newest Magic Kingdom Park photo-report, Orlando Theme Park News Readers. PART 1 can be found by clicking here.
In the previous installment of this update, we focused on Main Street U.S.A. and Adventureland. While the majority of the work is currently taking place in those lands, there's still more to see around the park. Let's now explore Frontierland and Fantasyland (we'll also briefly stop by Liberty Square). Enjoy the tour!

More photos of Frontierland:

This big (yet non-venomous) snake was spotted by Tom Sawyer's Island:

Liberty Square:

In Fantasyland, we noticed that the small river by the Tangled-themed tower was dry:

Heading to the "old" Fantasyland:

The trees by the Pinocchio Village Haus continue to grow. They look great:

Moving on:

Typical wait time for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train:

Before leaving the property, we enjoyed the sunset at the Polynesian Village Resort:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.



  1. Anything going on at the Liberty Tree Tavern? Or is it all internal work? Can you look in the windows?

  2. The work is taking place inside the actual building, so we can't see what is actually being done.

  3. As far as I have heard, there's nothing going on in the actual restaurant. It's closed because the kitchen is being redone so that it can be shared with the new Adventureland restaurant.

  4. Thanks. As always great photos. I'm hoping the new restaurant is open by November, but who knows. Liberty tree reopens the day after i leave so who knows.

  5. Great Pics - Thanks
    Interesting on the first few Adventureland Veranda pictures. It appears to me that they are laying down new forms in the ground that would give the indication that they are expanding the footprint of the building.
    I know there has been lots of discussion that all the future work of the Veranda rehab would be within the original structure but I am really getting the sense that the building will actually be widened by a decent extent closer and wider to the stream area. Guess we shall see if 2x4's start going up soon.

  6. Yikes, that wait time at Jungle Cruise. Is this increase because of the Pirates closure? How is that summer-long refurb going to impact other wait times in the park? It's such a huge people-eater...

  7. Just realized the reason Disney world doesn't 'employ' cats in the park after hours to keep the rodent population down is probably due to the snakes (and birds) one of which was accidentally caught in your lens on stage and out of place. Hope he doesn't loose his job for that. :0)

    Thank you for yet another great report!

  8. The expansion of the Veranda building is for new restrooms.

  9. I have a few option on why there is indeed a snake in the Magic Kingdom (my opinions can be untrue, but it's fun to take notice and imagine the possibilities. After all, it's Disney. Feel free to use your imagination!):

    1. Indiana Jones, including myself, hate snakes, so it might be possible that Indy will soon be at MK sometime in the distant future.

    2. The snake is looking for Kaa so he/she traveled many miles just to cross Adventureland without having to cause havoc across Frontierland.

    3. Snakes could be dangerous but its, ironically, a "great addition" to Frontierland. There were snakes during the Western era. Lol

    Those are my opinion and I hope that these opinions would make anybody's day! ;-D

    "Snakes....why did it have to be snakes?!"
    -Indiana Jones from Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)