Magic Kingdom Update: Adventureland Project (PART 1)

Aside from the work being done to expand the central hub of the park, quite a lot of minor (and major) projects are now taking place inside the Magic Kingdom.
Some facades seen along Main Street U.S.A. are being restored, while a new restaurant continues to take shape in the former location of the Adventureland Veranda. Nearby, the popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride is currently closed for a three-month refurbishment. Let's take a look around together, shall we?

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom:

A section of the facade next to the Harmony Barber Shop is behind tarps:

More work is being done nearby:

Is Disney sending the wrong message here? Are they encouraging Guests to "jump the lines?" ;-)


Plenty of work is being done around the former Adventureland Veranda:

The view of the area from a different angle:

Not much can be seen from this angle:

Jungle Cruise had a 65-minute wait:

Pirates of the Caribbean will be closed through September 25 for a major refurbishment:

Walking toward Frontierland:

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