King Kong Update: The Facade Continues to Expand

King Kong will be officially returning to the Universal Orlando Resort next year, and construction crews continue to work every day to welcome him back.
This afternoon we will take another look around the area surrounding the new Reign of Kong attraction. As you will see, plenty of work has been done since our last visit, and even more details con now be seen on the right side of the massive facade that hides the attraction's showbuilding. Let's start exploring...

The view of the facade from Toon Lagoon:

From Jurassic Park:

Notice the new rockwork on the right:

A closer look at the imposing facade:

As a reminder, all the photos posted on our site are all taken exclusively from Guest areas:

The entrance arch continues to become more visible:

The view of the construction zone from above:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Just wondering, I notice you always put the disclaimer that these photos are taken from guest areas. What is the reason for that? Is it because you don't want readers trying to go into places they don't belong to see it for themselves or were you contacted by Disney making sure you were only taking pictures from guest areas?

  2. I imagine they do that because it is against Disney and Universal's rules to enter any non-guest areas. So, they want to make sure that (1) they are clear that they are not breaking rules to get their pictures (2) not encourage other people to enter non-guest areas.

  3. @First Anonymous: The second Anonymous poster has it right. We want to make sure that our Readers know that we will never attempt to take photos in backstage areas or by using objects to lift ourselves above the walls (all of which is illegal). I hope this answers your question!


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