Islands of Adventure News: Awaiting Jurassic World (Part 1)

Dinosaurs still rule the earth. As you might have heard, the amazing Jurassic World movie recently passed $500.000.000 in ticket sales, breaking multiple records. What does this mean for Universal's Islands of Adventure? Many fans are already dreaming to see the Jurassic Park themed area (or another nearby "island") transformed into Jurassic World. Will that happen? While we wait to see if this will actually happen in the future, let's take a look around the park.

Another wonderful day:

Our first stop will be Marvel Superhero Island:

Rumors point to a possible refurbishment of The Incredible Hulk Coaster:

According to those rumors (mostly coming from Orlando United), the entire track of the attraction might be replaced. Other rumors also point to a possible new theme for the ride (highly unlikely):

The rest of the island:

These columns are still blank:

Short wait time to meet Spider-Man (take that Disneyland Paris!):

The waterfront area would be perfect for a nighttime show:

It's time to proceed:

The Toon Lagoon theater is still mostly abandoned:

This moving prop was actually working:

We have not seen this move for the past few years:

The rest of the land looks fantastic:

The white dog was recently refurbished:

Popeye and Olive Oyl were meeting in front of a shop. Blocking a source of revenue is not the best idea:


  1. "Other rumors also point to a possible new theme for the ride (highly unlikely):"

    Why do you think that is "highly unlikely"?

  2. It's really not that unlikely, considering Disney owns Hulk now…or that might make it MORE unlikely since Universal probably doesn't want to lose the character altogether…

  3. Is the cast member playing Olive a MAN?!

  4. Universal owns the movie rights and theme park rights to Hulk. The last two Hulk movies were released by Universal.

    Disney owns Marvel, but only owns the movie rights to select Marvel characters. Universal owns theme park rights (east of Mississippi) for all Marvel characters in perpetuity. So unless Universal changes their mind, they can use Hulk or any other Marvel character in Islands of Adventure for as long as IoA exists.

  5. Why did they turn Popeye and Olive Oil into team member "human" characters?

  6. I don't like the face characters either, but it's very insulting to call that clearly female team member a man...