In-Room Bathroom Test at Coronado Springs Resort

Starting from last Sunday (June 14, 2015), a test was implemented at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort (which involves Ranchos rooms 7165 and 7166) to collect Guest feedback regarding new in-room bathroom configurations.
Guests selected to stay in the pilot rooms will be invited to participate in a ten minute phone interview once they’ve a reasonable amount of time to test one of two new bathroom configurations. Continue reading for additional information.

The two bathroom being tested include one of the following changes or adjustments:
  • Walk-in shower with partial glass enclosure;
  • Low profile shower/tub combo with glass enclosure that holds about six inches of water.
During this pilot, the new configurations will replace the traditional shower/tub combo-with-curtain configurations currently in Walt Disney World Resort hotel bathrooms. 

If the test is successful, one of the two bathrooms configurations may be introduced to all room of the hotel in the near future. Stay tuned as we continue to keep you up-to-date in regards to this test.


  1. Two rooms in one resort is not a large enough test. Being that Disney is a family resort converting hotel bathrooms to walk in showers would not be convenient for families with small children who still take baths. I guess the second option is a compromise, six inches is probably enough for little bodies to sit in and wash up but even older kids still take baths. Though it does save water, I fear in the future we're going to have to pay a higher price for a room with an actual tub.

    1. This isn't the first guest feedback they have collected on this issue however. We were surveyed about these bathroom configurations after our spring break stay at this resort in April of 2014. We were shown concept art of tiled shower choices and asked questions about the need for a tub. I like the shower only configuration, but I understand families with small children need a tub. One of the options on the survey was the shower only with a small inflatable tub. I guess they eliminated that idea.

  2. Agree with anon above.

    As for the 6" shower/tub combo... think stopped up shower as seen in one of Tikiman's photos from a guest staying during construction not so far back (The shower has riased edges, so when it stopped up it looks very much like what they're talking about. It doesn't look a very pleasant position for either the child or the adult washing them.

    Disney, you screwed up the studio villa configurations at the BW and WL with that odd table/bed, don't do this too.

  3. What are you talking about ("Disney, you screwed up the studio villa configurations at the BW and WL with that odd table/bed, don't do this too"). The table/bed as you call it is appreciated! Embrace change, it will be OK!!

  4. It would be nice if there were options for a shower or a bathtub. I would think most guests and their children take showers, but for those with small children, having perhaps 25% of the rooms with showers would be fine. There's no way more than 25% of guest rooms have people who take baths. I don't think my kids have taken a bath since they were 4-5 years old.

  5. I've seen the pics and love the low profile one best. The rain shower shower head looks great. Can't wait to try that

  6. I would love a shower only vs tub. Ideal would be to then add shelves on the one end to more storage. Even when our kids were infants and in the bathing age, we almost never used hotels tubs. I find them gross, even when cleaned. Maybe we are spoiled at home as we have separate shower / tub fixtures. Anyways. Important is that the shower head is also on ana attachment hose. This way you can stand the child in the shower and use the hose to shower off. I think one option would be for guests to be able to get from the front desk an infant bath tub insert thing. Kinds like setting a laundry basket in the tub or even better over the sink for infants.

  7. I would be happy for them to add showers in most rooms. Loads of uk hotels now have just showers. On holiday in Florida I have a 5 min shower in the morning to wake me up and a 5/10 min shower when I get back from the parks to get the suntan lotion off and relaxed ready for bed.

  8. Oh man - I hope they don't go to a glass really adds a challenge to our family getting ready and the curtain gives privacy....maybe they could do a very frosted glass if they really want to get away from the curtain...

  9. This isn't surprising news as most hotels/resorts have already started replacing tubs with showers upon new builds or refurb so that water usage is cut back. Rest assured though, the glass their speaking of is usually frosted.

  10. There is another factor... full tubs are a liability issue. Stepping into a tub is a slip and fall risk, and much of that liability falls back on Disney. It sucks, but its a reality. It doesn't take too many legal pay outs to make tubs not worth it. The low lip tub 6" would be a fair compromise.


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