Reign of Kong Update: Scaffolding Starts to Come Down

The impressive "Reign of Kong" land continues to quickly take shape within the boundaries of Universal's Islands of Adventure. This new themed area will soon include a thrilling attraction that will transport Guests to the mysterious island that King Kong calls home. While we wait for it to open, let's take a look around to see how much progress has been done since our last visit (which took place more than two weeks ago, by the way!). Enjoy the photos:

Notice that the massive facade of the attraction can now be seen from the other side of Toon Lagoon:

A closer look, still from Toon Lagoon:

No more scaffolding on this side:

Something will soon be installed in this area:

Scaffolding is still up around the rest of the facade:

The walls have been moved within Jurassic Park, and the small kiosk has been removed:

From Jurassic Park:

The possible entrance to the new area:

Work is being done on the opposite side of the building:

The view of the entire area from above:

More work needs to be done on the right side of the building:

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  1. Is this going to be considered its own island, or will it be a part of Jurassic Park?

  2. Universal is calling it "Skull Island: The Reign of Kong" so it seems like it will be its own land. Granted, I don't know how big the land will be, but I expect at least one shop and maybe a tiny restaurant. They don't have a lot of land, but I expect when it gets closer to opening, the current pathway will be closed off and Skull Island will take over that pathway as well.

    Nobody knows at this point. All we know is that the massive structure we see now will be closed off with doors that open to allow the ride vehicle inside. It will not be the entrance to the line as people first thought but something you ride through.

  3. any news on how "screen" intensive this ride is versus actual sets and animatronics? It seems uni is quick to put up rides with screens but only ever so often puts in something real.....don't get me wrong, gringots is cool, but I was hoping for some more actual things

  4. I really, REALLY hope they do something about that really gross white show building. We're gonna need a heavy amount of foliage and stuff to keep it from being totally exposed.

  5. I'd argue that Universal's probably gonna take some care to make sure the show building isn't totally exposed. They learned their lesson with Forbidden Journey and as a result, you can't see the Gringotts building unless you're really trying hard to.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    any news on how "screen" intensive this ride is versus actual sets and animatronics?

    Expect all screens within sets until the finale scene with a massive Kong animatronic. You can watch the video of the ride from the Hollywood version, most of the stuff from the promo video came from that ride. That leads me to be it will be mostly a copy of that experience but slightly more themed and with a Kong animatronic.

  7. As you know the word Kong translates to mean king. So he's actually called King King which sounds more cute and cuddly than scary.


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