Hollywood Studios Update: The Stage Returns (PART 1)

The first phase of the Disney's Hollywood Studios hub restoration project has finally been completed. In addition to the removal of the hat (imagine that it was still around just a few months ago!), new palm trees have been planted in the refurbished planter where a temporary stage now stands. The second (rumored) phase of this project points to a retractable (and permanent stage). Let's take a look around the park to see what else has changed in the past few weeks:

Welcome to Disney's Hollywood Studios:

Walking down Hollywood Boulevard:

New tables have been added to the outdoor patio of the new Starbucks location, the Trolley Car Cafe:

The FastPass+ machines near Sunset Blvd. have been themed:

Some walls have gone up around a section of the Brown Derby Lounge:

The temporary stage in the hub of the park is massive:

The backstage area of the stage:

The facade of The Great Movie Ride continues to receive attention:

The roof has been refurbished:

The back side of the roof:

The future photo-op is still empty:

Possible future interactive elements inside the queue of the attraction:

The pre-show and post-show video quality has definitely improved thanks to the new projectors:

Heading to Echo Lake:

Nothing new can be seen outside the future new home of the Frozen sing-along:

Star Wars Rebels - The Ultimate Guide is now showing inside the ABC Sound Studio. While we would like to refrain from including personal views in our updates, we have to admit that we didn't particularly enjoy this attraction. That said, it's an opportunity to spend 22 minutes sitting inside a building with A/C. If you have time (or if you are just tired) you should stop by:

One of the may Star Wars themed backdrops installed around the park for the Star Wars Weekends:

The Backlot Express is testing a new system to serve Guests (click here for additional information):

Temporary queue setup inside the restaurant due to the nearby Rebel Hangar: