Welcome to the second part of our newest Hollywood Studios photo-report. Be sure to check out also PART 1 of this update by clicking on this link.
Previously, we walked around the entrance of the park, the beautiful Hollywood Boulevard, the central plaza of the park, Echo lake, and nearby areas. Let's now move on to other sections of the park, such as the Muppet*Vision 3D area, the Streets of America, the former Backlot area, Pixar Place, and more.

The new Rebel Hangar lounge took over a section of the Backlot Express restaurant:

The area surrounding Muppet*Vision 3D:

The revolving fountain was not working:

Let's take a look inside Pizza Planet:

Newer arcade games were recently installed:

The Streets of America:

Very, very minor work:

Cinderella's coach is still on display:

The Frozen sing-along still attracts a large amount of Guests:

The temporary Star Wars Prop Shop:

The former Studio Backlot Tour area:

Still nothing seems to be happening here:

Walls are down near Pixar Place:

Most of the doors of this building have been removed:

Firework launching pad:

One more building sitting unused:

Another Star Wars photo-op:

Tomorrowland billboards can be found near Mickey Avenue:

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