DisneyQuest Update: A General Look Around (PART 2)

Welcome to the second part of this new DisneyQuest photo-gallery, Orlando Theme Park News Readers. Be sure to check out PART 1 by clicking here.
As you have seen from the past few photos, while one attraction was recently removed (Ride the Comix), the majority of the other offering have remained unchanged. Let's continue to visit the other areas of DisneyQuest to see if there is something new (spoiler: something very minor has been added).

More classic games:

Just below those games (on the fourth floor), younger Guests can find a Kid's Area, which includes games that are specifically designed to entertain kids ages 2 to 7 (adults may enjoy them too, though):

We personally find this game to be quite entertaining:

More games:

The "latest" addition is yet another Fix It Felix Jr. machine:

Pinball time:

Some of them are themed after AVATAR, Iron Man, Tron, and more, so they are relatively new:

The Sports Arena Arcade:

Monopoly and games based on popular TV programs:

Another relax area (we have to admit that the lighting is very nice):

The Wonderland Cafe:

Time to descend to the third floor, where the Score Zone is found:

The Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam is one of the most popular choices here:

The Typhoon simulators are also great:

The Race Zone:

The Underground Arcade is one of those areas that really needs to be updated:

These appear to be fairly new games:

Moving on...

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