DisneyQuest Update: A General Look Around (PART 1)

While the majority of Downtown Disney continues to be updated as part of the massive Disney Springs project, there's one large attraction that continues to be mostly untouched, causing it to become obsolete and age very badly.
We are talking about DisneyQuest, a very clever indoor theme park that was quite popular when it first opened (it was so popular that Disney was planning to open multiple locations around the United States). Let's take a quick look inside:

First of all, the exterior paint scheme was updated months ago. This is one of the few positive changes:

After taking a regular elevator (the Genie is really missed), we end up on the third floor:

Here, Guests can pick up guidemaps:

A new wait time board has also been installed in this area:

Wreck-it Ralph is also here to welcome Guests:

New Fix It Felix Jr. machines are now found nearby:

We will begin our tour the fifth floor:

Our first stop will be FoodQuest, which serves burgers. hot dogs, wraps, pizza, pasta, and more:

The current menu:

The Pinnacle Room is a very relaxing dining area. We really like the soft lights:

The first attraction in this area is Invasion! An ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter:

The former Ride the Comix attraction closed last year, but some of the attraction props are still visible:

Everything else has been removed:

Some posters are still up in the nearby seating area:

The maps around the building have been... updated:

Time to check out some classic games:


  1. You call the exterior paint job an improvement? I'm hoping it's just temporary until they come up with a Disney Springs theme for it.

  2. I didn't want to appear to be too negative, that's all. I am not a fan of it either, but the building needed a paint job.

  3. New Maps! *

    *(May be old maps with duct tape.)

    That sounds like a FakeThemePark tweet or something from Krustyland.

  4. I really miss the internet area. Was gutted in 2011 when we visited and it was removed. It was a great help in 2008 when our holiday company went out of business and we needed the net to keep us informed how we were getting home.


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