SEA LIFE Aquarium Orlando Photo-Gallery (PART 1)

One of the four major attractions that will soon open within the new I-Drive 360 complex held a media preview on Monday, April 28, 2015.
The SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium was filled with people wanting to explore the depths of the seas and oceans of our planet... without getting wet, obviously. It was really a thrilling experience to visit this family-friendly exhibit, and we would like to share with you some of the photos we took during our self-guided tour:

The entrance of the aquarium is located to the right of the main entrance of the building:

A huge shark was waiting for us near the attraction's entry. He was very friendly, no worries:

The area where Guests may purchase tickets:

As soon as Guests enter, they are welcomed by Cast Members who will scan tickets:

After taking a few photos, Guests head into another small queue area:

SEA LIFE shows how much the company cares about our oceans in multiple parts of the attraction:

A waiting area will lead us to the impressive pre-show area:

A large dome with projected images welcomes Guests and introducing them to the characters that represent some of the creatures living in the oceans. At the same time, a big aquarium surrounds them:

While the audio was not very clear, the whole room looks amazing:

After the brief introduction, we head into another corridor:

The first themed room is called "Ocean Caves," which looks great:

The room represents an underwater environment and features animals such as the mysterious eels:

Mesmerizing colors:

Younger Guests can have their own free passport stamped at different 'Dive Stations" throughout the aquarium. These offer them the opportunity to learn even more about the sea creatures that they see:

The next room features the famous "Ocean Invaders," jellyfish:

Sadly, the jellies were not available during our visit:

Next, we explored the truly amazing "Shark Shipwreck":

Here Guests will explore a beautifully themed, immersive environment that includes some of the most famous underwater predators: the sharks. Everything is absolutely very well executed.

Many tanks include screens that feature the characters we met in the pre-show room:

Take a look at the amount of theming in this room alone:

This was by far our favorite tank. We call it the "3D Tank." Why? because the fish seemingly come out of the aquarium and swim right next to people. You have to see this in person to believe it.

More viewing areas:

What a sight, isn't it?:

More colorful fish:

Three interactive screen provide very interesting information about sharks:

The "Atlantic Ocean":


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