CityWalk Update: New Sports Bar Takes Shape

Work on the former NASCAR Sports Grille has resumed at CityWalk Orlando. While this project has seemingly seen very little progress since the beginning of the year, rumors about the replacement for that space continue to abound.
The most believable of those rumors point to the possibility of having another sports bar coming to CityWalk that would be sponsored by... NBC Universal, of course! Let's take a look around to see what has been done this week:

The former NASCAR Sports Grille is receiving a new entrance:

The side of the building is still wide open:

It definitely looks like one of the biggest venues within CityWalk:

A few more photos of the area:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer. 


  1. Thanx for the update! Excited for NBC Bar.

  2. I bet there will be a bowling alley in it. Seems to be the in thing>


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