Magic Kingdom's Central Hub Update: New Castle Towers

The central plaza of the Magic Kingdom Park is definitely in a much better state nowadays, thanks to the new walkways that are now open. It is especially vital to have these new pathways during this time of the year due to the crowds that have descended to Central Florida to take advantage of Spring Break.
All that being said, there are still a few areas that are behind walls, and more themed elements are still in the process of being added. Take a look:

Despite the large amount of people in the park, the new walkways do not feel crowded at all:

New railings were recently installed around this planter:

A beautiful tree has been planted near the Tomorrowland Terrace. It looks amazing:

Walking down the street:

The heart of the park's hub:

Just a few days ago, two of the four new castle towers were installed:

The tower on the left:

The tower on the right:

As of today, both of the towers are covered by themed tarps. When the work will be completed (later this year), they will look very similar to the existing towers of the beautiful Cinderella Castle:

A look at the retractable lights (for real theme park nerds):

Work continues in the former Rose Garden:

Work is also being done on the roof of some of the backstage buildings:

A quick look at the Main Street Bypass:

More work still needs to be done in this section of the park:

And that is all for now. Before leaving, be sure to check out our great general Magic Kingdom update if you have not already done so, as it includes many interesting updates from the rest of the park.


  1. Great update. Thanks so much for doing these updates for those of us who only get there once a year, The new hub changes are very welcomed, as is the themed bypass.

  2. Thanks for the updates. Love reading about all the good changes!

  3. Thanks for the updates. can't wait to see it all done.

  4. This website is definitely the best for Disney World updates, glad i've been a part of this since 08!
    Keep up the good work guys

  5. Thanks for sticking with us, Lee! We really appreciate your loyal support!


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