King Kong Construction Update: More Colors Appear

Quite a few construction workers are currently busy sculpting the imposing facade hiding what is rumored to be one of the most exciting rides ever created (the best part is that most families will be able to enjoy this attraction together due to the mild nature of the ride'd movements; that said, there will be plenty of sensory thrills, no doubt!). As you will see, parts of the facade are also being painted, even though the majority of the rockwork still needs to be completed:

Let's begin by taking a look at the construction zone from above:

Parts of the facade have been painted using different colors:

Notice the new details on the top portion of the facade:

It looks quite menacing, doesn't it?:

More particulars:

The rest of the facade is still taking shape:

The area seen from the ground:

From the Toon Lagoon gate:

We will be back very soon...

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  1. The Kongstruction is coming along nicely here. From the conversations I've had with some team members at UOR, word of mouth is that this attraction/area will officially open on December 15, 2015. Emphasis on official. This attraction area will be in operation earlier on select dates in the form of soft openings for team members assigned to this location. Again, this isn't factual, just stating what I heard from these conversations.

  2. No it will not be open this year at all.

  3. There's too much exterior work that would need to be done in a short time if they wanted it open by the end of the year. No way this thing opens earlier than Spring 2016.

  4. Parts of the inside of the building are dirt! No way in the world they can pull off having this open by December. Plus, opening a new ride days before the busiest 2 weeks for any Orlando theme park is a recipe for disaster. They ideally will open this early May 2016 to work out last minute kinks before summer arrives.

  5. The blue stone looks stupid. Just sayin...

  6. Ahhh-relax-wait till its done. Just thinkin... besides that -blue is a lovely color ;-)

  7. The bluest part is still just the primer coat, which acts as a sealant and is bright to make the gray that will be painted over it "pop". The areas to the far left are closer to completed.

  8. Being the movie isn't set to release until 2017,I would assume they would wait to open after the movie aired.But who knows? I do know there is a book for those inquiring minds who want to know.


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