Paradiso 37 and Planet Hollywood to Expand Soon

As Downtown Disney continues the largest expansion in its history to transform into Disney Springs, two major restaurants located in The Landing (formerly Pleasure Island) are also planned to expand and refresh their offerings for Guests. Paradiso 37 and Planet Hollywood (currently part of the West Side) will soon offer expanded seating areas, new themed props and exteriors, and much more. Continue to read for additional details on these projects.

Paradiso 37
Expansion work to capitalize on its beautiful waterfront setting is currently taking place at Paradiso 37. Renovations include doubling the seating, adding more terrace dining, building an outdoor performance stage and adding a second entrance. Updates also include adding new artwork and a fresh color palette to the restaurant. Paradiso 37 will remain open while undergoing renovations. Work is expected to be completed in summer 2015.

Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood is re-imagining its flagship location into a four-story stargazing observatory with a revamped menu and expanded outdoor terrace and bar. To be renamed the Planet Hollywood Observatory, the venue will undergo intensive renovations and share the Disney Springs turn-of-the-century design aesthetic on its exterior. 

The interior will feature a fresh new look throughout the space and will be adorned with movie imagery and celebrity memorabilia. Also coming to the venue is a new outdoor terrace and bar called Stargazers that overlooks the heart of the property and will feature live entertainment. Refreshed dining options will highlight Planet Hollywood’s timeless classics and introduce a host of new additions. The Planet Hollywood Observatory is set to debut in spring 2016.

Stay tuned for more information on these two Downtown Disney food and beverage locations as they transform along with entire property.

ARTWORK: ©2015 Disney. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Will ha have to shut down this dunning the redo i don't see how it can stay open it looks like it can;t!

  2. Well, nice improvement to the building. That's for sure. It looks so much more fitting, and incredibly less tacky than the standard Planet Hollywood.


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