Magic Kingdom Update: Adventureland News (PART 1)

The Magic Kingdom park continues to be under the spotlight. Even though a big section of the expanded central hub has already opened to Guests, there are still more new walkways and themed structures that fans are waiting to see installed in this area. Quite a few changes will also continue to take place in Adventureland, including the opening of a new (rumored) restaurant, the major refurbishment of Pirates of the Caribbean, and more. Let's take a look around.

First of all, we noticed that work is being done on the columns of the City Hall's facade:

The Harmony Barber Shop is still closed for refurbishment:

The new backstage gate leading to the Main Street bypass:

Facade refurbishment along Main Street U.S.A.:

Let's take a look inside the Uptown Jewelers store:

The new Pandora section of the shop debuted just recently:

Nearby, the window of the Crystal Arts store is being refurbished:

Let's take a quick look around the hub:

New themed speaker boxes:

Still working on some railings and planters:

New planter:

Still working on the planters found in the center of the hub:

The old Rose Garden is now closed:

Behind the walls:

Another section of the hub is also closed:

The new Adventureland smoking area has been moved to the planter near the area's entrance::

The relocated Sunshine Tree Terrace:


  1. "The old Rose Garden is now closed"

    They never promised you a rose garden(It's a joke)

  2. "along with the sunshine, there has to be a little rain sometime"


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