King Kong Land Construction Update: More New Details

The massive facade that will soon tower over the new King Kong themed land at Islands of Adventure continues to receive more and more new details that Guests will definitely love. In addition to the beautiful rock work, a new, unfamiliar face (an imposing face of a statue) can now be seen above one of the many entrances of the attraction's showbuilding. Additionally, new temporary walls were recently installed around the area. Let's explore this place together.

Let's begin by taking a look at the area from the Toon Lagoon entrance:

The view of the grand facade from Jurassic Park:

The jagged edge at the top of the building is getting some texture:

The new, temporary walls that surround the area look like an extension of the facade's rock work:

The rest of the building is still mostly unthemed at this time:

Let's take a peek behind the walls, shall we?:

Here is a first look at the new "face" we mentioned at the beginning of the article. Will water fall from its mouth?:

More behind-the-walls photos:

A panoramic view of the area:

Can you find the statue's head in the next two shots?:

There it is:

Plenty of work is still being done in this particular area:

Workers were still installing parts of the flat facade that make us a faux mountain range:

And that is all for now. Thank you for visiting the park with us, and see you again real soon.

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. It looks like there will be another statue on the other side of the entrance

  2. When is this attraction slated to open?


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