Hollywood Studios Getting New Name, Stage, and More

"The future of Disney's Hollywood Studios looks very bright."
How many times have you heard this phrase? If you are a theme park fan, you will have heard it multiple times. We are definitely among those who think that the park's future is - indeed - looking good, but we do realize that we are in the year 2015 and we still know very little about the expected major Hollywood Studios expansion. This evening we have a few minor news to share.


The Walt Disney Company hosted its 2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders earlier today (Thursday, March 12, 2015, 1:00 p.m. EST). Among the few theme park news released during the meeting (which included Shanghai Disneyland and "The World of AVATAR" project at Animal Kingdom), some very interesting information about Disney's Hollywood Studios were released.

Click here for the audio version of the meeting (skip to 01:19:28 for the Hollywood Studios news).

When the young shareholder asks if the name of Disney's Hollywood Studios will change again in the future, Bob says a loud "no" at first. Then, he continues by saying that nothing has yet been announced. 

A few seconds later, Bob Iger finally admits that there are, indeed, plans to change the park's name for the third time. In fact, he stated that they are "doing some significant work [at Disney's Hollywood Studios] right now," and that "it will result in a name change." He ends by saying "now we can announce that... we are changing the name, but we won't announce what we are changing it to."

Disney Hollywood Adventure, anyone? We still like Disney Hollywoodland better...


While this has been know for a while, we were finally able to officially confirm that a new, permanent stage is being built in the space formerly occupied by the Sorcerer's Hat. While we do not have any information about the actual construction time frame, we do know that the project will be completed sooner than later, as the newest park maps (more on that later) will include the stage.

Current RUMORS point to the possibility of having a large stage with retractable lights. We definitely hope this will be the case, as having another huge (and visually unpleasant) structure hide the wonderful Chinese Theater would be seen as a huge defeat in the eyes of many theme park fans.


As we posted on our official Facebook page, new Disney's Hollywood Studios park maps will be available to Guests visiting the park starting March 15, 2015. The map updates will include the following:
  • The Trolley Car CafĂ© addition;
  • New center stage area (mentioned earlier in this article);
  • Food & Beverage menu changes;
  • New Disney FastPass+ and Visa ads.
That is all for now. Be sure to check back here on Orlando Theme Park News for even more updates in the future. You can be certain that we will closely follow the changes taking place at Hollywood Studios.


  1. At the frozen sing along they do refer to everyone as residents of hollywood land. . .

  2. Would have rather had the hat than an ugly stage. The stage and the Chinese theater really have no business being in a Disney park at least the hat was true Disney. Did Disney forget their own monument on Hollywood Blvd they could have copied? Poor El Capitan/Muppet Theater.

  3. I hope it's a stage that really does not look like a stage area when not in use like the stage area in front of the castle in the Magic Kingdom Park. As for the new name it really needs to change as it's not a working studio park any more.

  4. Robert, you're joking right?

  5. As long as the stage does not block the view I am fine with it. New Attractions would be better. The New
    name will Be Disney's Hollywood Adventure.

  6. I would hope they wouldn't go with Hollywood Adventure seeing as people would say they're copying DCA's name which isn't a bad idea seeing as they do copy parks and make them better in different locations(ex.Tokyo DisneySea was supposed to be California(or Long Beach) DisneySea). Disneyland is like a brand name they create i could see them building a Texas(or wherever) California Adventure. Scenario I'd love to see happen that will probably never happen is the park gets turned into "Disney California Adventure East" like how they replicate Disneyland Anahiem all over the world but better. They could retheme Hollywood Blvd to Buena Vista Street and remove the mini Carthay Circle that's on Sunset and create a larger real theater were Great Movie Ride currently is to host the events and shows that the stage usually does. What would happen to Great Movie Ride? Move it to Sunset Blvd in place of the Beauty and The Beast show(small sacrifice) with a grander facade designed by Disney not Grunman. Studio Backlit Tour becomes Cars Land(so does Lights Motors Action really not happy about losing that but again sacrifices). Pixar Place takes a name change to Toy Story Land adding the flat rides found in Hong Kong in Mickey Avenue and Animation courtyard(I love the animation exhibits but it doesn't fit the no studio theme) a path from this new Toy Story Land would lead to A Bugs Land next to the Rockin Roller Coaster show buildings (they obviously don't want to expand outward and move some roads so I'm thinking about if the park footprint remained the same) moving over to Streets of America Honey and Muppets go along with the New York facades for Muppet Studios add a new Muppet show housed in a recreation of Muppet Theater(not the El Capitan one the original) a Muppet dark ride(got to be better than that last movie since not many liked it) and even add an area where the Muppet Mobile Lab could finally have daily shows at a park permanently. And Star Tours Indiana Jones, commissary lane and echo lake are removed for paridise pier add in a new World of Color type show in the lake and skip California Screamin and construct the Water ride that was originally envisioned for the DCA when the budget was bigger. A custom gliding coaster for Goofys Sky School and instead of the little mermaid ride(since its already at Magic Kingdom) design the first Big Hero 6 ride(seeing as that was so popular). Also since World of Color(or Disney Dreams) would move in demolish Fantasmic and put in the Hyperion Theater with lobby(for movie premiers since they tried to sell El Capitan last year) and when not being used to show films or hosting a lavish red carpet premier it would show daily(cant believe im about to say it BRACE YOURSELF) Frozen The Musical Spectacular! Lol. Thats one thing i really wish they would do at DCA people are only going to see Alladdin for Genie jokes now. So wonder what all of what I just put would cost? $2 billion maybe? But hey that Frozen Musical would pay for itself.

  7. Anonymous#2, there WILL be new attractios ! Be patient.

  8. JEANNETTE SANCHEZMarch 14, 2015 at 1:21 PM

    I think the new name will be Disney Hollywood Adventure! I love the new name and attractions. I can't wait to see a new Map tomorrow!

  9. hey otpn wen are you gonna post the new maps for march 2015


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