Universal Orlando Confirms New King Kong Attraction

Earlier today Comcast (the parent company of the Universal Orlando Resort) officially confirmed that a new King Kong themed attraction will soon be opening at Universal's Islands of Adventure. While fans have known this for months, it is the first time the company officially acknowledges this particular project.
This announcement also removes any doubts regarding the theme of the new ride, which will be located at the edge of the Jurassic Park section of the park.

The announcement was made very quickly during the Quarter 4 2014 Comcast Corporation Earnings Conference Call. You can read the entire company earnings press release (which does not include the new attraction, as it was only mentioned during the Conference Call) by clicking on this link

At the moment, no details have yet been released about the new King Kong attraction. A much more formal announcement is expected to be made in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.


  1. Well, it's about time!

  2. Just please don't mess with the Jurassic Park!!!

  3. Hmm I guess your source was right after all. I was kinda doubting him/her for a bit.


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