King Kong Construction Update: Project Finally Confirmed

As it was reported just two days ago, Comcast has officially stated that a new King Kong-themed attraction is coming to the Universal Orlando Resort. This shouldn't come as a surprise to our Readers as we have known for months that this would be the theme of the new Island of Adventure ride currently under construction (Orlando United forum member HTF originally broke the news).
Let's go back to the construction site to check the progress that has been done:

First of all, new walls have gone up on the opposite side of the King Kong construction area:

Could a new themed entrance be coming to this area? We do not know at this time:

Let's now focus on the new King Kong building. Its size is truly impressive, and work is still being done:

Notice the new, themed rockwork:

Behind the walls, we can see that there is still a lot to be done:

Some aerial views of the area from the nearby Camp Jurassic:

The green and yellow walls are starting to be covered and themed:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. If this ride is a clone of the Hollywood tram tour Kong "experience" I am going to be highly disappointed.

    For those that don't know, picture a ride like Disaster except remove all the sets, replace them with two massive movie screens (one on each side of the car) and then add in a couple air cannons and minor water effects. Very little movement, really poor sight lines when you have 5-7 people per row and 40+ rows, and just an overall disappointing "ride". No story just lots of action.

    Universal has WAY TO MANY "screen" based rides. The Hollywood Kong is fun once, but it gets really boring, really fast! I hope this is more along the lines of Dinosaur or Indy from Disney. Universal needs a ride system like that in its parks and Kong would be a perfect fit for it!

  2. There was nothing wrong with the original Kong ride when the park first opened, Themummy ride is looking dated now.

  3. Instead of King Kong Construction Update, just shorten it....Kongstruction Update

  4. I prefer a real, animatronic, set piece, physical ride to a screen any day. Doesn't matter how 'realistic' the CGI: a screen is a screen.

    Never doubted you guys that it was going to be Kong, another movie in the works - makes perfect sense.

  5. I agree that it will be a shame if it is mostly screen based. I've been on the Hollywood tram tour and thought Kong 360 was quite poorly executed. 3D is always likely to be problematic, especially when you aren't directly facing the screen.
    I'd actually prefer ultra hi-def 2D screens if they insist on using them rather than 3D.
    I went on Kongfrontation a few times in the late 90s and it was awesome, a great all-round experience from the queue through to the shop.

  6. While most of this attraction will feature screens, there will be at least one confirmed Kong animatronic in the ride, although just at the end to wave bye bye essentially... at least that's what I've heard.

  7. I do wonder if the King Kong ride in Hollywood didn't get burned down in the first place then would we still be getting a King Kong ride in Orlando.

  8. I thought the Kong portion of the tram tour at USH was well executed. The amount of movement and simulated screen based environment was very well done.

  9. Regarding Kong 360-3D in Hollywood, I just felt that it was difficult to focus on what was happening and the image wasn't vivid enough. Looked blurry and a little dark. I definitely didn't feel immersed in the experience, unlike with the original Kongfrontation. A screen can never be an ideal substitute for a real environment. (And this comes from someone who loves Star Tours).


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