Hollywood Studios Update: The Golden Coach (PART 1)

The past few days have been quite chilly for the Central Florida area, with high temperatures barely reaching the mid-60s (yes, that can be considered cold for us Floridians, even though some actually enjoy this!), but that doesn't mean that we can take a break from work. In fact, today we have a new Disney's Hollywood Studios update to share with our Readers, which includes photos of the new Starbucks location, Cinderella's golden coach, and more. Take a look...

Welcome to the Hollywood that never was and that will always be:

As previously reported, the park's first Starbucks location opened just a few weeks ago:

It's called "The Trolley car Cafe":

The outdoor patio is currently used as an overflow queue area:

A quick look inside:

The famous co-branded mugs that everybody seems to love...

The theming of the location is acceptable, but nothing over the top:

If you love to order from the "secret" Starbucks menu, be sure to know all the ingredients needed, as most of the Cast Members working at the location are currently not familiar with those extra offerings:

Some of the items available at the location:

Looking good:

The condiments area:

We are not including any photos of the deconstruction of the hat, as that will be featured in a separate article. That topic is way too important to be mixed in with other miscellaneous projects ;-)

That said, we cannot wait to show you photos of a hat-free Hollywood Boulevard:

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  1. Most baristas at any Starbucks was unaware of the offerings. As we like to tell customers, "the menu's a secret to us too"


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