Hollywood Studios Update: The Golden Coach (PART 2)

Welcome to the second part of our newest Disney's Hollywood Studios photo-report. Be sure to check out PART 1 of this update before proceeding.
In the previous installment of this photo-tour, we focused on The Trolley Car Cafe and the area surrounding The Great Movie Ride. We will now continue to walk around the park, focusing on the beautiful Streets of America and the Hollywood Amphitheater, home of Fantasmic! We hope you'll enjoy the show.

Work continues on a new photo-op near the exit of The Great Movie Ride:

This new location is being built as part of the new partnership between TCM and Disney:

Time to explore the Streets of America:

Cinderella's golden coach is now parked right in front of the former main entrance of  Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure. It definitely seems to be a very popular photo-opportunity:

It looks great. We personally think it should be permanently placed somewhere else around the park:

Let's now talk a bit about Fantasmic!, as it looks like this show has been receiving some attention. In fact, for example, we noticed that the images projected onto the water screens looked much crisper than usual. At this time we cannot confirm if the film projectors have (FINALLY) been replaced by digital projectors or not, but things certainly looked better than usual during our last visit to the park:

Additionally, the cauldron of the Wicked Witch was recently upgraded. As you will see in the following pictures, new LED lights have been embedded on the cauldron itself. The effect created by these small lights is great. This is another small - yet great - addition to the show:

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  1. It has been confirmed that Disney, since Winter 2014, has replaced Fantasmic!'s old 70mm projectors, produced an enhanced digital transfer from the films, themselves, and the show is now receiving new HD projectors, similar to Disneyland's use of HD projectors. Hope that resolves your idea whether the show has now recieved new projectors or not. Some imagination, huh?! 😉😎


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