Fun Spot Update: Gatorland Exhibit Takes Shape (PART 2)

Welcome to part 2 of our new Fun Spot America construction update. Be sure to check out PART 1 by clicking on this link before proceeding any further.
In the previous part of this photo-report, we checked out the entrance of the park (which is definitely a great improvement over the former entrance) and some of the Guest areas; afterwards, we took a quick over-the-walls look at the future location of the Gator Spot. There's more to see, so let's continue to walk around:

A few more photos of the train:

Heading inside the arcade:

Guests can now even buy some of the older arcade games inside the building:

The rest of the arcade has much more modern games: well as a redemption area:

Back outside:

The new Party Pavilion now has a very large, covered seating area:

The SkyCoaster:

White Lightning:

A Splash Zone was recently added near the coaster:

The park in general looks very clean:

Another new attraction coming soon:

The new Space Invader thrill ride is already taking shape next to the White Lightning coaster:

Working on the foundations of the ride:

The Freedom Flyer coaster:

Time to head out:

And that is all for now. Before concluding, remember to like us on our official Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for live updates from the parks. If you would like to make a donation to OTPN, feel free to use the big "DONATE" button on the sidebar. Thank you for your support, and see you again real soon!

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