Fun Spot Update: Gatorland Exhibit Takes Shape (PART 1)

One of Orlando's most popular minor attractions is continuously looking for ways to expand, installing new attractions and building multiple dining locations at a remarkable speed. We are referring to Fun Spot America, an amusement park located just across the street from the Universal Orlando Resort.
As you will see, a number of additions have been introduced to the park since our last visit, with many more coming in the next few months. Take a look:

The Sweet Spot is located inside the entrance building:

The White Castle truck might be gone from the Orlando location, but it will be at the Kissimmee location today and tomorrow. be sure to note that you might have to endure very, very long lines:

The skyline of the park is looking very nice:

The former location of the SnoSpot has been vacated. It is scheduled to come back in November 2015:

Work on the new Gator Spot is in full swing:

The future main entrance of this new area:

Behind the walls:

Guests can already see the alligator exhibits taking shape:

We are sure this will be a nice themed area:

Let's continue to walk around:

The Kid Spot area recently received a few new rides:

Route 66:

A new train now takes visitors around the park. It is free for those who purchase armbands:

It's small, but it looks nice:

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