AVATAR-Related Work to Be Done Behind Rainforest Cafe

Beginning from February 17, 2015 and lasting for approximately three weeks, adjustments to Rainforest Road (located directly behind the Rainforest Cafe at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park) will take place to accommodate utility tie-in work for the AVATAR-inspired land, scheduled to open in 2017.
While this advisory does not directly affect Guests, it shows that work is actively taking place behind the scenes. We will continue to keep you up-to-date.


  1. Of course there is a great deal of work going on behind the walls. Several other theme park sites carry many aerial photographs, some only a few weeks old, of the construction.

    While I can understand the reluctance to link to these other sources/forums, if this site is going to be more than press releases (which it is slipping rapidly towards), then you must find a way to 'update' your readers on what's happening and that includes pointing them to aerial and other pictures in other places.

    Your photo updates, in the parks i.e. 'on the ground' are wonderful, and un-matched in quantity and quality. That you cannot provide such coverage of the Avatar area is not necessarily your fault (it does cost money to do aerial photography), but you should not be ignoring the massive amount of work going into that area.

  2. If you're referring the video taken by a drone, it was illegal and has since been removed. If you're referring to aerial footage taken by plane or helicopter, it's from a month ago and is certainly available elsewhere. If you are looking for a site that just consolidates and links to other people's content, it already exists (ScreamScape), but my experience on OTPN is that they create ORIGINAL content with limited budget and staff. We don't need OTPN to become another ScreamScape because that already exists. Good thing for us fans that we have lots of sites to get great content.

  3. First of all, I would like to thank both of you for the wonderful feedback you have provided to us. We love hearing what our Readers think, because if we post content and nobody reads it, everything becomes pointless.

    As JB stated, our website still has extremely limited funds, and our team is composed of three full time people and about two seasonal members, so what we do is use our resources and time in the best way we can (while still having a real job).

    That said, we would love to provide aerial updates of the AVATAR themed land. If it weren't for the prohibitive costs, we would do that every week! There is actually only one person that takes aerial photos of the area every one or two months, and that's Scott Keating. He does a wonderful job. I suggest you check out his site every now and then (http://pix.aerog.com/Images/Disney/Disney-world-aerials).

    Thanks again for your comments. We are continuously looking into ways to make our products better (sounds cheesy, but it is true, believe me!), so we appreciate that.


    Hey 1st comment, if you think you can do better, buy a better camera, get a helicopter, and take your own pictures.

  5. I'm the first comment:
    My reply was in regards to this in the story:

    "it shows that work is actively taking place behind the scenes. We will continue to keep you up-to-date."

    My reply was to point out that obviously work is going on behind the walls, but a visitor to THIS site would not know much about that work because the lack of external linkage to other sites.

    I was clear, quite clear, in acknowledging the cost of aerial photography. I was very very clear that the quality and quantity of photo updates produced by the people of THIS site are unmatched.

    I was clear that the decision to link externally or not is difficult.

    There is a challenge faced here by the site owners: how to provide good product, and if that definition includes links to other sites, how do we get 'our' users to stop here first. I thought I was pretty clear about that too.

    This challenge if faced by internet sites everyday.

    My discussion of this challenge by no means proclaimed I had a solution, that I could "do better" etc.

    So, one can choose to insult me, misconstrue what I wrote, place "words in my mouth" that I did not speak or one can objectively respond.

    The site admin responded. Thanks. Keep up the good work. Do NOT become like those other sites.

    Oh, and I have a camera, I do know how to charter a helicopter (and even hang outside the door), but you see, I don't live there. If I lived there, I wouldn't need to be "following the action" here on the internet: I'd probably be taking pictures for this site.

  6. Once again, we appreciate all feedback, but be sure to always show respect to one another. We had to edit one of the previous comments (which is very difficult due to the current system we are using) due to the language used.

    Thanks again for your cooperation.


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