King Kong Land Update: The Beginning of Another Year

2014 has gone by really quickly, and it can definitely be considered the most successful year ever for the Universal Orlando Resort. While a lot has been done in the past twelve months, we can look forward to even more additions in the future, include a new - and STILL unannounced - themed area that is rumored to be opening before the end of next year at Universal's Islands of Adventure. Today we are going to show you around the construction zone:

The facade that will soon cover the warehouse-looking building continues to take shape:

The worker standing on the temporary stairwell helps to give a sens of scale:

Behind the walls:

Notice the new steel columns on the right:

Pipes... Pipes everywhere:

A few photos taken from Camp Jurassic:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. I've heard that this is on schedule to open early-ish 2016

  2. Is this another 3D movie coaster ride like transformers?

  3. No one is exactly sure, as its all just rumors at this point, but basically I can guarantee you screens. Lots of em.

  4. Oh Boy more screens just wanted I was looking for in another new ride.

    1. Now let's try it with grammar.
      "Oh boy! More screens! Just what I was looking for in another new ride."
      - The Grammar Police

  5. Awesome update as always, thanks!

  6. im working on the new king kong ride it will be done the end of august and it is going to be a water/3D ride and from what i am hearing on the construction site its gonna be a awsome ride and its gonna be a indoor and out door ride unless the weather acts up then it will be indoor only

  7. Well if the above is true it would match up with the hollywood king kong ride And prediction for the new upcomming ride.


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