SeaWorld Update: Slowly Moving Forward (PART 1)

It has been a very rough year for the multiple SeaWorld Parks located across the country; it would be very difficult to deny that. The problematic situation of the company is clearly reflected in the parks themselves, which are seeing an incredible amount of Team Members getting laid off, even some who have been with the company for more than 20 years. We truly hope that things will get better in the near future. Let's see what's happening at SeaWorld Orlando:

Another truly gorgeous day:

The 50th Celebration will continue through 2015 at the SeaWorld Parks:


Checking out the Southernmost Point in the United States::

The touch pool:


TurtleTrek continues to be one of the busiest attractions in the park:

A baby manatee was spotted in the post-show area of the attraction:

New walls have been installed near Journey to Atlantis:

The Kraken:

More walls have been installed next to the area's gift shop:

Entering Antarctica:

The area was quite... empty:

Only a 20-minute wait for the park's newest ride:

Time to leave this land:


  1. We were there Sunday evening and it was packed! you could barely move through Antarctica. It had a 70 min ride. Beautiful park!


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