News About Orlando's New Park May Be Released Soon

Do you remember the recent rumor about a new Orlando theme park possibly being in development? It looks like things may be continuing to move forward in this regard. In fact, the Dakota Creative Group (one of the companies rumored to be behind this major project) posted a very short press release on December 5, in which we can clearly read that concept development of their theme park project(s) has almost been completed, with announcement coming soon.

Here's the complete press release, which we are sure you'll find very concise and straight-to-the-point:
The Company is in the final stages of General Development. Related Concept Development on all of the associated Parks, Movie and all related "works in progress" is almost finished. This includes an up to date Audit. Every development process almost always gets more complicated than expected and almost always takes longer than expected. In this case we are very close to having all of the requirements accomplished and near ready for final execution. Additional Announcements can be expected before the end of year.
As you can see, we can look forward to some quite exciting announcements in the next few weeks. Of course, we are still waiting for additional information on this mystery project, as the details we currently know are very scarce. Stay tuned here on Orlando Theme Park News for more updates.


  1. For a company that has been around since the 80s that has done nothing but change it's name - one would assume it would still be in some random persons home. Check out their office on Google. Not to mention the website is extremely amateur and most likely this is nothing more then some theme park geeks wanting to make money...

  2. Anonymous really should do some research before posting.

    The Dakota Creative Group, LLC hasn't been around since the 80's it was founded in 2006 the parent company got it's name back in 1999 and before the name change it was named Alydaar Software Corporation which was founded in 1992 and developed dynamic content, dynamic delivery content, delivery interchange, and infrastructure interchange infrastructure software solutions, as well as identity checking software for corporations and individuals.

    So it has only been in the Amusement park business for eight years and anyone that knows business knows it very slow to get cost analysis, EPA studies, investors, permit.

    It's heck it takes Wal-Mart years to build, I know where I am they are trying build a super Wal-Mart and they have been for almost years and there is already a regular wal-mart there and all they want to do is make it bigger.

  3. Not happening.....

  4. yeah nothing is happening

  5. Agree nothing will happen. Sounds like a pipe dream at best. I'd like to open a new amusement park, too, so please watch for an announcement! Ha!


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