Last Day to Experience the Food & Wine Festival

If you enjoy the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival and you have still not visited the park during this year's event, you should definitely think about doing so today, as November 10, 2014 is officially the last day in which the event will take place. As a reminder, all the food and beverage booths are still open and available to Guests, but certain special (free) offerings usually found the Festival Center may not be available any longer.


  1. We've landed there two years in a row. A little amused to find several of the menus basically the same both years. One of those "the names have been changed…" things but the actual product was pretty much, if not exactly, the same.

    This year the atmosphere was slightly different, not as hectic (still busy of course). Difficult to judge if that was the nature of the guests or something Disney changed on its presentation.

    The biggest minus was going into the host pavilion and being instantly jumped on by Transition Lenses pushy sales people - right inside the door. Yes they're lead sponsor (why?), but holy moly people, get a grip. We got asked 4 times, twice right in front of their own booth, if we wanted to try/talk about their product.

    Hey, THAT guy standing 3 feet away just asked me, we said no, you SAW that. Why are you asking me??? Was fairly aggravating way to end our walk around the pavilion. We had no desire to go back and watch any of the demo shows if it meant running that gauntlet again.

    Might time for some new thinking around this festival, its offerings, how its presented.


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