New Parade Route Being Tested at Universal Studios

Our great source of Universal Orlando rumors is back again with new, interesting information about the park's popular Superstar Parade. As you know, currently Universal's Superstar Parade begins next to San Francisco and ends at the opposite side of the park, exiting through the gate next to the Cafe La Bamba (located in the Hollywood section of the park). Recently, though, something took place in the park that could confirm a parade route change.

If you checked out one of our latest Universal Studios Florida update (click here to learn more), you will have noticed that yet another section of the pavement found in the New York City backlot of the park was completely replaced. The previously rough pathway made of stones is now a smooth, concrete walkways that looks somewhat less "authentic" but more pleasant for Guests to walk on (especially for Guests using a wheelchair or an ECV). Here's the area we are referring to:

The current rumor that was recently shared with us points to the possibility of having the Superstar Parade passing through this area. As we mentioned before, this section of the park is currently not used as part of the regular daytime parade. Here is a map we quickly put together to help you visualize the rumored new route that might be used during the parade:

GREEN: current parade route (starts in San Francisco/New York themed areas, ends in Hollywood).
RED: rumored new parade route (starts and ends in Hollywood, next to Cafe La Bamba).

This is definitely a very interesting rumor, as it could also partially confirm other rumors that we have heard in the past few months. One of those rumors is that both Universal's Cinematic Spectacular and Universal's Superstar Parade should receive major changes in the next few months as part of the resort's 25th anniversary. The expanded parade route might be needed to accommodate more (new) floats, as the current route is quite short.

In addition to that, we have to keep in mind that the rumored route would almost double the time the parade takes to go through the park. In that case the park might decide to add a third show-stop (unlikely) or just completely get rid of show-stops altogether.

UPDATE (11/9/14, 6:30 p.m.): Amusement Buzz posted a photo of the current park map, which confirms this change. Starting today (November 9, 2014), Universal Studios Florida started using the new parade route, which is represented by the red line on the above image.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to these possible changes? One thing is sure: the Universal Orlando Resort is continuing to expand its offering at a very fast pace. It is definitely a great time to be a theme park fan, as there is a lot to look forward to see realized in the next few years!

A huge "thank you!" to our Anonymous Universal Orlando source for sharing these rumors with us.


  1. While the Superstar Parade does seem to have this new route, the Holiday parade has used this route for years but it starts and ends at San Francisco heading towards Cafe La Bamba and looping around with the last float with Santa stopping near the Mummy and doing the tree lighting ceremony.

    Not sure why the Superstar Parade is using this new format. It might be a way to get TM's prepared for the new Holiday layout or it could be something larger. Honestly, I don't see the point in expanding the parade route unless more floats will be added. It never seems like a popular parade even during the summer. It's extremely easy to get a curb side spot the moment the parade is passing so expanding it to make more room for guests doesn't make much sense.

    However, an expanded nighttime show would be awesome! They need to greatly expand the number of fountains and include more fireworks. They have a great chance to create a real "World of Color" size show with thousands of fountains before Disney has the chance to open their AK show that seems to be an expanded World of Color.


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