Quick Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort Photo Update

Good evening, and welcome to Alexander's newest photo-report, Orlando Theme Park News Readers! This afternoon we are going to take a quick look around Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort, one of the best moderate resorts on property. As you will see, while some minor work is being done around the parking lot area of the hotel, the rest of the Guest areas definitely look great. Come and join me as we embark on a quick tour of this themed resort:

Welcome to Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort!

There are some minor refurbishments going on around the resort:
(Photos taken from passenger seat, do not attempt to take photos while driving)

The Olde Port Royale food court has a wide variety of food offerings:

Let's take a quick look around at the island theme of the resort:

That wraps up the quick photo update,

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  1. Nice update here! Thanks! Just wondered if you've done this on a one-off basis or whether resort updates will become a new feature of your site? I'm from the UK, so only get to visit once every few years, and when I have been, I've usually stayed at the value resorts as I want to spend as much time in the parks as possible, and am not really concerned with hotel amenities! It's great to see what the other resorts have to offer, as I've never had chance to find out for myself. Maybe I'll try one of the moderate resorts next time!

  2. I am sorry I have not been on the site lately. I appreciate the comment and I would love to continue posting resort updates. I will make sure to start getting them posted on a regular, basis. Things don't change as frequently at the resorts as they do at the parks, they are still wonderful to look at though regardless of construction or not. -Alexander


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