New Beach Club Refurbishment Details Coming Soon

Disney Cast Members working at the Yacht & Beach Club Resort will soon have the opportunity to participate to the fifth annual Cast party. In addition to fun activities, the party will include some information booths where Cast Members will learn more details about the many new enhancements taking place around property. This event will take place on Monday, Nov. 10. While this is not open to the public, we should soon gather more information about this project.


  1. I am planning to go this summer and I would really want to know what is happening.

  2. Anything new here?

  3. Not yet, unfortunately. I personally apologize about it, as I was expecting to receive some news from the cast Member event. It looks like they chose not to share anything yet. That said, the project is definitely moving forward. It's just that we will need to wait a little longer to hear the specifics. Thank you for your patience!


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