New Disney's Hollywood Studios Map Changes (Nov. 2014)

The newest edition of Disney's Hollywood Studios' park map is now available to Guests, and it includes a few (expected) changes that we would like to highlight. First of all, as you will notice, all references to The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow have been completely removed (the attraction closed Nov. 6). In addition to that, while the Studio Backlot Tour route is still visible, the trams and the Catastrophe Canyon area have been removed. But there is more...

The popular "For the First Time in Forever - A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration" has been added to the lineup of the park's attraction, together with the new "Wandering Oaken's Frozen Snowground". That does not surprise us at all, especially since the park currently has very, very little to offer to Guests. Any small addition definitely helps in inflating the attraction/show count.

Finally, as we reported earlier today, a reference to EpiPen has been added (learn more).

Here you are a preview of the latest Disney's Hollywood Studios park map (the November 2014 edition):

FRONT (Full Size):

BACK (Full-Size):

Of course, this is just the beginning. The park map of Disney's Hollywood Studios will change even more in the next few years, as this will be a reflection of the great things to come. While details about the park's major expansion are still very scarce, we are sure that we will soon hear some news that will please many fans (and, of course, casual Guests). All in all, Disney's Hollywood Studios needs ANYTHING that could help the park getting back on track, especially in a time when attendance at the nearby Universal Studios Florida continues to grow substantially.


  1. Competition: For us consumers it's always a great thing. I only hope Universal can continue to push their numbers up and give Disney more reason to expand themselves.

  2. With the work that's been done at MK over the past 3 years and now the work that's taking place at the AK and after the DHS I'm wondering if they got any plans in place for the Future world section at Epcot as it must be 10 years since Future World got a whole new attraction

  3. exactly - work with GM on their version of driver less cars - make a "friendly" ride where the driver less cars take you around areas. Turn it into an actual testing ground. Let's get back to some future ideas...

  4. Just spent the day at the park and we overheard some cast members talking that I.j. will close to make room a cars attraction. What are your thoughts regarding this. And does this make sense? I would think the backlot would make more sense

  5. @Anonymous post for 6:43PM EST...

    Most cast members would not be privy to such information (Remember, there are over 35,000 cast members so there's no way they'd be able to keep that many people quiet about future plans).

    Anyway, my guess (and that's all it is) is that the Indiana Jones area could be turned into a Carsland-like attraction. The area behind that attraction is very open so it could be huge. The Backlot Express restaurant will be re-themed or removed, opening up even more space. The only problem is that Cars is a Pixar film, so having Pixar attractions split into two sections of the park could be an issue if the rumors about a Pixar land are true. They certainly will not be moving the Toy Story attraction (which is also being expanded as OTPN has reported).

    As for the Backlot Tour and soon-to-be-announced removal of Lights Motor Action, this will almost certainly become a Star Wars themed area. However, there's a big issue and that's the whole Streets of America/Muppets section. They would have to remove all of that, but there have been rumors that that's exactly what would happen. If you combine the entire area of the current Star Tours all the way over to LMA and Backlot Tour, that would be a HUGE Star Wars land. But with 3 new movies coming over the next several years, it's very possible that could be the plan.

    What does everyone else think?

  6. To me I see backlot express and indian jones closing to become star wars land, muppets and streets of america won't be touched and the lights, motors, action and backlot tour area becoming cars land.


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