Downtown Disney: New Path Across The Landing Opens

As Downtown Disney transforms into Disney Springs, progress continues to be made on its first phase, known as "The Landing" (this is the new name of the former Pleasure Island). A new walkway is now open from the Marketplace to the West Side, which is surrounded by themed buildings and lights. Because this new walkway is available, the temporary pedestrian boardwalk near Paradiso 37 will close in the near future. Continue to read to see some photos:

The following are official photos released by Disney (©Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved):

Here you are now some more photos of the area, taken just yesterday by our own photographer, Alex:

Set along the waterfront, The Landing will be home to unique boutique shops and memorable dining experiences including Morimoto Asia and The BOATHOUSE, opening in spring/summer 2015, along with many more experiences that will be shared in the coming months.


  1. I just can't what kind of architecture Disney tries to reproduce. Some of this huge bombastic lamppost with those ugly incorporated speakers could be something I've seen in Paris (vaguely) but the buildings don't match en just look sill with details that don't make sense.
    Can someone explain this to me?

  2. can you first re explain your comment!

  3. Don: I would describe the architecture as "timeless contemporary".

    Unrelated, but what's up with all the winter coats?? ;-)

  4. @Don: I understand your question. With the Disney Springs project, Disney is trying to replicate the "Old Florida Feel," which includes architectural styles that have marked European influences. While for the most part Florida's architecture has Spanish influences, there are also French and other styles mixed in. This would explain the difference in the look of the various themed areas that will be part of this entertainment district.

    @Jason: It has been a bit chilly in here in the past few days. That said, the 80's will be back starting from Sunday! :-)

  5. Don,

    Keep in mind: Its not done yet. There is quite a mix of old and new scattered about.

    In person right now the place is a bit disjointed, but at the same time the mind accepts because its obviously under construction.

  6. LOL, 'its obviously under construction" and by that I meant the DTD area, but the mind itself is too, always under construction!

  7. Thanks OTPN administrator (and sorry for the bad writing, I'm Dutch so).
    Having been around Europe and seeing windmills, castles, middle-aged building, gothic churches, art nouveau and more almost on a daily basis the buildings Disney are building hardly provoke any of these influences.
    Don't get me wrong, as a fantasy thing it's nicely done but pretending it is more then that then I'll call them out for missing an amazing amount of knowledge.

  8. I understand, Don (by the way, your English is excellent, no need to apologize!). Keep in mind that, like you previously mentioned, Disney is a world of fantasy (even though many times they are able to faithfully "transport" real places into the theme parks, such as Animal Kingdom's Africa and Asia), so not everything will be exactly as it is in reality.

  9. Great discussion as always everyone. Sounds like the consensus view is, "What until it's completed". I agree with OTPN Admin the architecture is pure Florida, and Florida has lots of influences from Spain, France, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and even Native American. When all is said and done, I suspect the architecture of the buildings will take second fiddle to the landscaping, with lush greenery, waterways, meandering paths and bridges... I for one am confident Disney can and will pull this off. Add to this all the potential activity at Hollywood Studios and the confirmed activity at Animal Kingdom, and that only leaves Epcot, so I won't go there! ;-)


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