Walt Disney World: New Costumes for F&B Coordinators

Over the next several weeks, all Food & Beverage coordinators at the four Walt Disney World Resort theme parks will begin wearing a new costume. At the moment, each park has a different F&B coordinator costume that follows the general theme of the location; after the conversion, all will wear the same costume. The new costume aims to provide a more upscale look that is unique to the line of business and easily recognizable in every park.

Features of the costume include black bottoms worn with a tapered blouse for female or shirt for male Cast Members. The tops have two pockets and adjustable tabs on the sleeves allowing Cast Members to wear as short or long sleeves while maintaining a professional look. 

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park Food & Beverage coordinators are already wearing the new costumes. At Epcot, they will start wearing them on October 6, while those at Disney's Hollywood Studios will have to wait until October 15. Magic Kingdom Park coordinators have not been given a date yet.

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  1. So in one fell swoop, they have taken away part of the uniqueness of the different restaurants and just created a new generic uniform, all to save a buck I assume. Pretty soon, we should probably expect all the attractions people to be wearing the same garbs.

  2. Can I ask what role exactly do 'Food & Beverage coordinators' do?

  3. @Chris: Coordinators are second to managers (which are also found around the kitchen, but mostly regulate the back-of-the-house stuff) and are readily available at any time to solve Guest situations, to makes sure that food safety is observed by other Cast Members, to move around Cast (if needed) and - in general - to make sure that the service runs smoothly.

  4. I'm being cynical, but sounds to me like these second-line managers didn't like wearing the same costumes as "their" staff, and wanted to be special.

    As Trent said, this seems totally out of the norm for Disney standards

  5. As one of those affected, I can tell you that we have no say in our costumes. We dont wear the same costumes as our Cast now.

  6. Correct. As the last Anonymous said, even now costumes are different. Also, it is essential to distinguish them from the regular Cast, as angry Guests always ask to speak to a manager or coordinator, so they need to see a Cast Member in a different costumes, otherwise they may think it is just another front-of-the-line employee.


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