New Guidemaps for Disney's Hollywood Studios (Oct. 2014)

Updated guidemaps for Disney’s Hollywood Studios are now in circulation at the Walt Disney World Resort. The cover features once again The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and has dropped its "Frozen" overlay (as well as most of the entertainment offerings that were part of that event, like the amazing fireworks show, ice skating, the dance party, and more). Surprisingly, the now-closed Studio Backlot Tour is still included in the map, including its description.

In addition to that, the "For the First Time in Forever: A ‘Frozen’ Sing-Along Celebration" show is now officially included in the lineup of the park's offerings. The show is now presented up to 10 times per day in the Premiere Theater on the Streets of America, offering the Disney FastPass+ service. Wandering Oaken’s has moved from Soundstage One to the former AFI Showcase, the post-show of the Studio Backlot Tour, and it includes a shop, real snow, and a larger-than-ever play area.

Here you are the current Disney's Hollywood Studios guidemaps, which became available from Sept. 28:

FRONT (Full-Size):

BACK (Full-Size):

In addition to that, here is the current Times Guide, which mentions that the former Studio Backlot Tour is now "permanently closed" (the fact that the attraction was not removed from the map is very interesting):

FRONT:                              BACK:

We are sure that this version of the park map will be maintained until November. After that, we expect the Studio Backlot Tour to be completely removed. Also, while we are on the subject, we suspect that some work may be done inside the former site of the ride/exhibit in the next few months, but the actual (rumored) expansion of Pixar Place may not start until Wandering Oaken's closes for good next year. What do you think? Are you excited for Disney's Hollywood Studios' future?


  1. "Disney announces closure of Hollywood Studios, to build massive Mall which will only sell merchandise for Frozen"

    Only a matter of time.

  2. No, you've got the wrong park. It's EPCOT that will become the giant mall focusing on Frozen. (Step w) Drop all quality entertainment - done)

    This DHS/DHA move is simply slight of hand to hope we don't realize what's going on over around world showcase as they rework Maelstrom. Once done, they'll have produced a sequel to Frozen called "Baked" and have it based in a country inspired by Mexico. Then they'll rework that ride.

  3. I hope the Frozen stuff remains in Hollywood Studios until the end of next year cause I'm returning next July. :D


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