Walls Come Down Around the Butterfly Garden at Epcot

The Butterfly Garden is a small Epcot area located next to an empty hallway previously occupied by multiple Communicore exhibits. The entire area suddenly closed to the public many months ago after a major utility accident happened after park hours. Rumors refer to the development of a small sinkhole, but more reliable sources pointed to major pipe issues resulting from the removal of a temporary exhibit. Let's take a look around:

The area is finally once again without walls around it, even though it is still closed to the public:

New grass has been planted in the area, which was just dirt a few weeks ago:

New plants and small, young trees have also been planted:

A close look at the area also reveals that a new pathway has been built, which looks nice:

A very small barricade still blocks the entrance leading to the area:

This area is used every year as the Butterfly Garden during the Flower & Garden Festival, and it is expected to be used for the same purpose next year. That is all for now. See you again real soon!

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer and Team Member.