PETA Continues to File Charges Against SeaWorld Parks

The "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" association (commonly known as PETA) continues to attack the SeaWorld Parks, filing numerous charges against them and their practices with the animals they care for. While many of us do not have all the information necessary to decide who is right and wrong, it is interesting to see how much the association is doing to discredit SeaWorld. And its attacks are definitely getting more intense.

The most recent article published on the official SeaWorld Parks Blog stated that PETA is back again with even more charges filed against the company. Here is the complete post published by SeaWorld:

"There is no higher priority for SeaWorld than the safety of our guests and team members and the welfare of our animals.

Today’s press conference held by PETA represents the eighth time in just over two years that PETA has called for an investigation into SeaWorld’s animal care practices; all were groundless and none resulted in a negative finding. Today’s allegations are no different. The credibility of these charges is also reflected in PETA’s partnership today with an activist who himself has been convicted of violating the federal law that protects marine mammals.

Our 1,500 zoological team members are dedicated to the welfare of SeaWorld’s animals and the thousands we take in as part of our rescue and rehabilitation program. We are accredited by two professional zoological associations and operate under multiple, overlapping federal and state animal welfare laws. The U.S. government’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service regularly inspects all SeaWorld zoological facilities.

It is unfortunate that PETA’s focus in targeting SeaWorld continues to be on getting media attention, not helping animals. Check back soon on our blog for a point-by-point rebuttal of PETA’s claims."

What do you think? Will PETA succeed in destroyng the reputation of the SeaWorld Parks? Will people find out that PETA's attacks are baseless? We would love to hear your comments. As always, all opinions are welcome on our site, as long as they are respectful.


  1. I have been a platinum pass member to SeaWorld for over 5 years now. I know first hand how much care SeaWorld provides day in and day out for these animals they care for. I am best friends with several trainers and animal care staff members in the park and I hear the stories that go on each and every day. These animals are all cared for more than most humans.

    One most remember that SeaWorld is regularly inspected and governed by two federal agencies and two 3rd party accreditation groups every year who makes sure they maintain their high standards of care. SeaWorld would not receive the accreditation every year if they were mistreating the animals.

    One most also know where "peta" sands for animal care. peta has killed over 30,000 cats and dogs. In 2013 peta killed 82% of the animals that were left at its shelter. peta's so called expert that was in the press conference yesterday has actually been convicted of dolphin abuse. The real story here is peta not SeaWorld!!


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