Universal Studios Update: KidZone Still Open (PART 1)

Everything continues to be very quiet at Universal Studios Florida. After years of non-stop work taking place around the park, it looks like the focus has (finally) shifted again toward the nearby Islands of Adventure. This doesn't mean that there is nothing new to see around Universal Studios; in fact, a few minor projects are taking place in a few of the park's themed areas. As always, we invite you to join us in this quick photo-update:


Fantastic weather here in Central Florida:

Blue skies and warm temperatures... and it's almost November!:

Production Central:

The Single Riders sign of the Transformers ride is not very visible these days:

Say goodbye to Twister now that you still can...

A new shop recently opened in the New York Backlot. It is very small:

Some beautiful facades:

Great attention to details:

New concrete has been poured in the walkways between the New York City area and Transformers:

Nothing new happening in San Francisco:


Crazy wait times for the train:

Even though temperatures are still in the mid-80s, leaves on the trees along the London waterfront are turning yellow, just like they would if they were in the real London. Truly a sight to behold:

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