I-Drive 360 Update: Assembling the Hub of the Orlando Eye

I-Drive 360 will be a fantastic addition to International Drive. We have stated this multiple times in the past months, but as the project continues to take shape, we get even more exited about what is coming as part of this amazing entertainment district. In addition to the world-class attractions that will soon open, Orlando will receive a new icon, the Orlando Eye, which will be seen from many places around Central Florida. Let's check on the progress:

The hub of the Orlando Eye is halfway done:

More spokes waiting to be installed:

A close look at the massive footers of this great structure:

More pieces of the Orlando Eye will be installed in the upcoming months. The observation wheel should be completely assembled by next spring, opening to the public in time for summer:

These orange pieces look unusual:

One of the many I-Drive 360 signs:

The Madame Tussauds building:

The terminal of the Orlando Eye:

The rest of I-Drive 360 is looking great:

Soon we will be able to see Cape Canaveral (on a clear day) looking toward this direction:

Also, you can clearly see all of the icons of the theme parks in the area, including Magic Kingdom (excuse the low quality of the photo, but Cinderella Castle is a few miles away from I-Drive 360)

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  1. It is not "half-way done" as that is only the center hub. Otherwise you would have to jump quite high to get on-board.

  2. That's true, anonymous, but that's why we stated that "the HUB" of the Orlando Eye is halfway done (that's the center, or the core, of the observation wheel). We did not say that the wheel itself is halfway done.


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