Downtown Disney Update: More New Details (PART 3)

Here we are on PART 3 our newest Downtown Disney photo-report. Click on this link to back to PART 2 of this update.
In part 2, we checked out the rest of the West Side, as well as Pleasure Island (including the new BOATHOUSE restaurant). Now we will conclude this photo-update by walking around the Marketplace, which is also receiving quite a few additions. Take a look:

The new Marketplace causeway:

Notice the beautiful look of the new bridges:

More work needs to be done on this side:

Walls are up next to the T-Rex Cafe to link the new causeway to the existing walkways:

Walls leading to the World of Disney store:

Another Starbucks location:

The walls around the Marketplace Theater are down:

The Carousel:

A look at the Marketplace causeway from another angle:

One of the two entrances leading to the new causeway:

They are doing a truly amazing job on the theming side of this project:

The refurbishment of the new volcano of the Rainforest Cafe continues:

The new bridge leading to the Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort:

A new sign was recently installed above the entrance to the new Marketplace dock:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer and Team Member.