Downtown Disney Update: More New Details (PART 1)

Just a few minutes ago, a new announcement was officially made by the Walt Disney World Resort that unveiled two of the newest offerings that will open as part of Disney Springs (click here to learn more about today's announcement). This evening we would like to share with you some photos taken around the future themed areas of Disney Springs, to add some excitement in regards to this major project. Enjoy this virtual tour of Downtown Disney:

A beautiful morning to visit Downtown Disney:

Unusual sight... No people:

Let's start by checking out the parking garage, which will open to Cast Members on November 2:

It's definitely not ready for Guest use yet:

It is looking good, though:

Construction of a new ramp:

More work is taking place in the parking area:

Narrow walkways to get to the Team Disney Orlando parking lot:

Going back to the West Side:

The new themed awnings continue to take shape:

This particular section is brand-new:

It seems a bit too close to Splitsville:

The rest of the structure:


  1. A railing can be seen above some of the awning structures. Do we know if that is a structure guest are intended to walk on top of, or is it just for construction workers?

  2. At least one section of "the awning structure" is supposed to have a seating area on it, I believe it's the one by the food truck area.

    These structures are supposed to represent old elevated train tracks that have been turned into open space like the Highline in New York City.

  3. I'm not resistant to change but does anyone else miss "New Yesr's Eve" at Pleasure Island , the fantastic "Adventurers Club" and "The Wildhorse Saloon" to name just three and also the wider more open spaces that afforded visitors the luxury of more room ?
    Just wondering if Disney's trying to cram too much into this area. Hopefully not and it'll all turn out to be a huge success.


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