Affection Section Refurbishment (Oct. 7 – Nov. 10, 2014)

The Affection Section petting area at Rafiki’s Planet Watch (a remote themed area located inside Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park) will be closed for refurbishment starting from October 7 until November 10, 2014. Guests may smell an odor and hear noises due to this work taking place throughout the day. Be aware that no chemicals will be used in this process, and that any odors that are smelled in the area are natural to the habitat.

The Animals, Science and Environment team is aware of the work taking place and will be monitoring animal behavior. Show times and other offerings should not be impacted.

Although Affection Section is closed, Guests may still experience the animal encounters in and around Conservation Station. Other offerings at Rafiki’s Planet Watch include Gi-Tar Dan, Out of the Wild shop, and Chip & Dale meet-and-greet. Affection Section will reopen to Guests November 11.