Universal Studios Update: Still Waiting for News (PART 1)

After having been busy creating our annual survey (we would love for you to participate in it!), we have to get back to work to see what is happening in the parks in the Central Florida area, just like we do every week. Today we will focus on Universal Studios Florida, where everything still seems to be quiet. Of course, after its latest major expansion, it is understandable to see the park taking a break, but theme park fans are always eager for more, including us...

It's always a pleasure coming this way:

Special events continue to take place quite often in both parks:

Let's start with Production Central:

The best time to go to the parks is right before a special event takes place:

The banner in front of the building housing Shrek 4-D is incredibly faded once again:

Rock on:

To Twister or not to Twister? We may soon have to bid farewell to this attraction (if rumors are true):

Setting up for the special event in the New York area:

We never noticed these hidden speakers before. They did an excellent job in hiding them:

This is why nobody should text while driving, especially while in a theme park:

Some walls were recently installed next to Starbucks. They might have been adjusted now:

The small shed near the water looks gorgeous after having been thoroughly refurbished:

Work on the barges used in the Cinematic Spectacular seems to have concluded:

Entering San Francisco:

It looks like the street received a new layer of tar in this section:

Looking good:

Walking around the London Embankment:

These gates are now open daily:

The trees in that hide the massive Gringotts showbuilding continue to grow:

The walls facing the water have still not been retouched. There are two shades of color:


  1. Is it possible the 2-toned walls are intentional, meant to depict cyclical changes in water levels like on real rivers?

  2. Hi

    The comment regarding the two shades on the walls... They are meant to look like that. The darker colour is when the tide rises on the London Embankment that is how high the water rises daily, and is like that on the actual walls of the London Embankment :)

  3. He meant the two colors from left to right


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