Polynesian Resort Update: New Sign Installed (PART 1)

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort continues to be mostly surrounded by construction walls, as the major expansion project for this opening-day Walt Disney World hotel continues. The parking lot, the lobby area, the pool, and the waterfront section of the resort are all currently unavailable (except for certain areas of the lobby, of course, which are needed for check-in purposes). The resort will definitely look wonderful after work will be completed. Let's take a look:

First of all, we noticed that the great new entrance sign (with a gorgeous waterfall) has been installed:

A closer look:

It really does look beautiful, and will surely look even better during the night:

The old logos of the Polynesian Resort can still be found in a few areas around the property:

Moving on, we noticed that work on the area adjacent to the monorail station has been completed:

Notice this new themed planter:

More work is being done in the drop-off area:

The fountain located right before the entrance to the lobby are still off:

The current situation inside the lobby itself:

Walls, walls, and more walls, as expected (and dead ends, like in the following case):

Some corridors have become really small:

The artworks on the walls at least help a bit:

New ceiling:

Certain areas won't change (fortunately!):

Going outside, we could see that most walls are still up:

The pool area:


  1. One step in the right direction. Now if we can just get them to drop the word "Resort" from the name. The resort just needs to be named "Disney's Polynesian Village".

  2. I'm not against change for the better but I'm not sure that the new font for the signs conveys the South Seas theme quite as well as the original lettering.
    AS they say " Don't fix what ain't broken ".
    Only my opinion of course.

  3. I love it because Bauhaus is my favorite font... If you're not a font nerd though, I don't know what you'd get out of it but "retro".

  4. Interesting they've switched to a new font. The old one seemed very fitting, and almost recognizable. The new one will take a bit of getting used to.


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