Hollywood Studios Update: Farewell Backlot Tour (PART 5)

This is PART 5 of our latest Disney's Hollywood Studios photo-report (you are almost there!). PART 4 can be found by clicking on this link.
In the previous part, we ended our tour of Wandering Oaken's and then we moved on to the Studio Backlot Tour, the former location of The American Idol Experience, and more. To conclude this update, let's walk around the rest of Echo Lake, the Streets of America, the Muppets area, and Sunset Blvd. :

Moving on:

The Guardians of the Galaxy Sneak Peek also recently closed its doors:

Star Tours:

The Streets of America:

Minor work being done in front of one of the facades:

A hidden Constantine poster:

The installation of the lights continues:

The Muppet*Vision 3D area:

A look around Sunset Blvd. after sunset:

The refurbished sign of the Tower of Terror looks great at night:

Checking out Fantasmic!:

We never noticed that the cauldron seen during the villain section of the show was upgraded:

Notice how the flames on the bottom light up:

That's a wrap:


  1. Disney has one big hit (post Pixar) with Frozen and they act as if it's the only thing they've ever created. I love the movie, but all this milking is driving me to hate the damn franchise.
    It's worse than Universal with Despicable Me.

  2. Big Update !
    Goeed pictures, love it.
    My opinion: To much Frozen Stuff.

  3. I mean to much Frozen in the Parks.


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