Hollywood Studios Update: Farewell Backlot Tour (PART 4)

Here we are on PART 4 of this Disney's Hollywood Studios photo-report, Click on this link if you are looking for PART 3 of this same update.
In the previous part, we examined Mickey Avenue (including the One Man's Dream and Pirates of the Caribbean exhibits) and Pixar Place. In addition to that, we also started to look around the temporary Wandering Oaken's Trading Post, an indoor "Frozen" wonderland for families. Let's continue to explore this area:

 A play area with snow:

The ice skating will be gone once the store moves to the new location:

Food & beverage location:

We loved this small detail:

Time to leave:

Since we were in the area, we thought about enjoying the Studio Backlot Tour, which was slammed with people as usual:

We will ride it again one last time in the next few days:

Work on the new Wandering Oaken's location continues:

Nearby, we noticed a new sign for the Monsters, Inc. meet-and-greet:

It's now time to take a look around Echo Lake:

The American Idol Experience is now a thing of the past. Gone are the marquees for the show:

Interestingly, the stand-by and FastPass+ signs have been maintained. We expect them to be reused when the Frozen-themed sing-along show moves to this location (that is a rumor, of course):

The Superstar Television Theater is rumored to be leaving in the next few years to make way for the new Star Wars Land. Plans for this space have not been officially announced yet, though:

Unfortunately, there was no moose outside the theater warning us about the show's closure:

The former auditioning area:


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